Revealed: How To Actually Earn Money Online In 2024 [Step By Step Guide]

Get-Rich-Quick-Schemes Don't Work. This is not just another post on the internet about earning money online. I won’t be trying to sell you some weird tool or method that generates money for you in some mysterious ways. Stop looking for get-rich-quick-schemes because they simply don’t work. I studied many books, courses, methods, videos, tutorials… I was never satisfied. Almost all information you can find on this topic consists of the following principle: Buy this magic software, buy a ticket for this course/seminar, get a premium membership and then you will be living the high life on the beach! Sounds familiar? Let’s get real! My method is powerful because it has the following characteristics: Short time to get started: You don’t want to spend months of preparation in order to start earning some money. You will see results within a few days or weeks (depending on your time investment). No or small initial money investment:

Video Animation Software: 2 Companies Take It To The Next Level

No time? Make a jump: Choose Between Viddyoze or VidToon It Can't Go Wrong! (No financial risk) Pricing: VidToon Pricing: Viddyoze Conclusion No matter what kind of publisher you are – at some point, you are going to realize that creating stunning videos is essential to get people pay attention. Either you make your viewers go "WOW!" or they click away before you even start the introduction. It doesn’t matter how great your content is if a viewer clicks away before seeing the actual content. You must understand that there is no point for someone to watch a video that is "just good enough". It must be a lot better than "good". Until recently, I thought if you are not a professional video designer, you must hire an expert to create your videos. That costs you around $100-$300 per video. That’s completely wrong because there are now 2 companies out there that take video

Why You Don't Need a Voice Over Artist in 2024

«Artificial Intelligence eliminates Voice over artists» Wait.....  - what?  You probably don't believe me at this point. Let me explain. Many people who hire voice over artists do so because it's what they have always done! However, as in many other fields, technology has changed everything. I know, you are still skeptical, but don't click away. Let me introduce you to Speechelo . Check Out Speechelo Speechelo is a cloud-based app which produces human sounding voice-overs from your text. It is a text to speech app but uses Artificial Intelligence to produce voice-overs which sound like normal human voices. It's understandable that you still don't believe me. But hey, let's listen to an example! I hope I now have aroused your curiosity at least a little bit?! Go To The Official Website What can Speechelo do for you? Transform any text into speech (sounds like normal human voice) Male & femal

Email Marketing Without Revealing Your Physical Address

I'm not going to talk about email marketing in general here - I'm sure you are aware of its importance. There is one big issue I couldn't find an easy (and free) solution: I don't want to provide my physical home address in my email campaigns. The  FTC's CAN-SPAM Act requirement for a physical address is clear: The law says that every email that you send has to have a physical address at the end of the email and you must be able to receive physical mail at this address. But what if you don't have an office? Who wants to give out their home address to everyone on their mailing list? Google this topic and you will find those solutions: Rent a P.O. Box at your local post office Use the address you work at Ask a friend with a business I was not satisfied with these options. I don't want to spend money on a P.O. box, I don't want to provide my work address (it's not their business to receive my m

This Affiliate Platform is a Game Changer - 4 Powerful Reasons

No matter what kind of publisher (blogger, influencer, etc.) you are: You must be aware of the following Affiliate Platform: Fiverr Affiliates . Check Out Fiverr Affiliates Side note: Not sure where to start? Check out my step-by-step guide on how to earn money online in 2022 . This guide covers in detail how to use Fiverr Affiliates to make money (creation of landing pages, email marketing, content creation, headlines, traffic, scaling, and a lot more!) Step-By-Step Guide The 4 Powerful Reasons For Fiverr Affiliates 1) You can promote almost anything you can think of. Fiverr : Fiverr is the largest marketplace for online freelancing services. Freelancers sell thousands of services starting at $5. There are 300+ categories! You can promote those services and as soon as someone new signs up with your link and buys a service, you will get a commission (up to $150 per sale!). Click here to sign up on Fiverr and ge

The 10 Critical Steps To Hire A Ghost Writer In 2024

Avoid Common Pitfalls! Hiring a ghost writer has never been easier. However, not a lot people know how to do it right. Don't throw money away by hiring some expensive ghost writing agencies. Let me show you how it's done right. Send me an email if you have any questions or feedback on this post: What You Want (Or Don't Want) You don't want any risk. You don't want to hire a random freelancer or some small agency that you never heard of. You want a guarantee that your job will be done the way you want it to be done! You want your money back if there's a any kind of dispute (if anything goes wrong). You want to be assured that this works in every case. You want great value for your money . You want simple communication . You want to know what you pay upfront . You don't want any hidden fees or any unexpected invoices