Video Animation Software: 2 Companies Take It To The Next Level

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No matter what kind of publisher you are – at some point, you are going to realize that creating stunning videos is essential to get people pay attention. Either you make your viewers go "WOW!" or they click away before you even start the introduction. It doesn’t matter how great your content is if a viewer clicks away before seeing the actual content. You must understand that there is no point for someone to watch a video that is "just good enough". It must be a lot better than "good".

Until recently, I thought if you are not a professional video designer, you must hire an expert to create your videos. That costs you around $100-$300 per video. That’s completely wrong because there are now 2 companies out there that take video animation to the next level.

Choose Between Viddyoze or VidToon

The decision depends on the type of video you want to create. I recommend you first check out the official websites of both companies. On both sites you'll see a short demonstration video of their product.


I don't list all features of each software on this post - just scroll through their website and watch their videos. But I want to help you decide which software better meets your requirements.

If you are recording videos by yourself and want to make them look awesome, you should go with Viddyoze.

  • Intros & outros that blow your mind
  • Professional animations
  • 170+ professional templates
  • Movie filters
  • No previous marketing or design experience needed
  • 100% Cloud based. No software to install

And a lot more!

If you want to create animated videos from scratch (like an animated explainer video), you should go with Vidtoon.

  • Create 2D animated explainer videos in record time
  • Ready-to-go animated characters included for just about any scenario and niche
  • Automated voice overs
  • Free commercial license upgrade included (limited time!)
  • 34 New HD Backgrounds

And a lot more!

It Can't Go Wrong!

  • VidToon: 30 Days Full Money Back Guarantee
  • Viddyoze: 60 Days Full Money Back Guarantee

No questions asked! That takes away your risk - if you don't like it, just return it and get all your money back. It doesn't matter how much you used their software. They will return your money.

You can test VidToon or Viddyoze with no financial risk at all.

With this in mind, you probably don't want to waste no more time and try out the software!

Pricing: VidToon

VidToon usually costs $67 per month. However, they have a limited time offer: $49 One Time Payment! This means you pay once $49 and then you can create as many videos as you want - LIFELONG!

Click here to get this offer!

It's a limited time offer. In case the link above doesn't work anymore: You are too late. :(

Pricing: Viddyoze

Viddyoze has 2 different licenses:

  • Viddyoze Personal
  • Viddyoze Commercial

Both license include all features. But the Personal license has 2 limitations:

  • It includes only 30 renders per month
  • As the name suggests, you don't get commercial rights on the videos

The personal license costs $77 (One Time Payment). You only pay once and can use the software as long as you want.

The commercial license includes:

  • Unlimited renders per month
  • Unlimited usage rights (commercial rights)

Plus, when you purchase the Viddyoze commercial license today, you'll get access to their in-depth training worth $300:

  • Bonus #1: The "Reverse Sales" Frictionless Client Getting Blueprint ($197 Value)
    • Discover how you can easily sell your Viddyoze animations for a profit
    • How to have local businesses BEGGING you to sell to them (no need to worry about getting new customers)
    • How to go from 0 to $10k a month in video sales without having to 'hard sell' to anybody
    • Learn how you can automate this entire process and create a completely hands-off business selling video services
  • Bonus #2: YouTube Profits Elevator ($97 Value)
    • How to go from 0 subscribers to powerful influencer in the fastest time possible.
    • How to correctly optimize your YouTube channel for more views, subscribers & sales!
    • How to use Viddyoze to turbocharge your YouTube channel!
    • How to sell YouTube channel services to your clients & make even more moola!

The commercial license costs $97. In my opinion, those 2 bonuses alone make it worth buying the commercial license.


Viddyoze and VidToon both revolutionize the production of videos. They take video animations to the next level. Stop hiring so called experts - you can do it by yourself, even without any experience in this field. Both tools are available for a one time fee - just pay once and use the software forever. Outsourcing the production of one single video costs you probably more than the license of Viddyoze or VidToon.

It's a risk free decision: If it turns out that you don't like the software, you can simply get the money back. No questions asked. But I'm 99.9% sure that you'll fall in love with either Viddyoze or VidToon. Don't wait - I have no idea how long these great One-Time-Fee offers will last!


Any comments, questions, or suggestions? Please write me an email!