The 10 Critical Steps To Hire A Ghost Writer In 2024

Avoid Common Pitfalls!

Hiring a ghost writer has never been easier. However, not a lot people know how to do it right. Don't throw money away by hiring some expensive ghost writing agencies. Let me show you how it's done right.

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What You Want (Or Don't Want)

  1. You don't want any risk. You don't want to hire a random freelancer or some small agency that you never heard of. You want a guarantee that your job will be done the way you want it to be done!
  2. You want your money back if there's a any kind of dispute (if anything goes wrong). You want to be assured that this works in every case.
  3. You want great value for your money.
  4. You want simple communication.
  5. You want to know what you pay upfront. You don't want any hidden fees or any unexpected invoices.
  6. You want secure payment methods.
  7. You want independent and honest reviews / ratings of the person you hire.

Those requirements sound hard to achieve, right? Let me show you the 10 critical steps to meet all those requirements!

My Guarantee (You Can't Lose!)

The presented steps below will ensure that the listed requirements are covered and you will successfully hire a ghost writer. If you run into ANY problem, then get in touch with me and I will personally help you get your issue sorted out (FOR FREE!):

Introducing The Platform

We need some kind of platform which allows us to meet the requirements listed above. I tried many of them and I have identified the best: Fiverr. It’s the largest marketplace for online freelancing services. You probably can't wait to see what Fiverr is, so let's get a first impression!

High competition among many sellers automatically leads to great value for your money. But hey, let's look at it step by step!

The 10 Critical Steps

Steps 1-6 are only about information gathering. This part is completely free: You don’t need to provide any payment methods and you do everything without any commitments. It doesn’t matter if you will end up hiring somebody or not; if you want to do research in ghost writing services, no matter what reason, then you definitely must complete those steps. You can only win.

Steps 7-10 show you how to actually hire a freelancer. You might think this is risky, because why would you trust any freelancer? Well, that’s exactly why you shouldn’t just hire a random freelancer you find somewhere on the internet. I will show you how it's done!

  1. First, you need to register on Fiverr. It’s completely free & you don’t have to provide any payment methods. Click here to sign-up!
  2. Let's learn about Fiverr! Fiverr has Regular Services and Pro Services. Which one you need depends on your requirements and your budget. Fiverr Pro features freelancers with exceptional talent. Best quality & service is guaranteed because Fiverr personally verifies Pros. If quality is your top priority and if you want to have your job handled 100% professionally, I recommend you one of the Fiverr Pro sellers. Regular Services can be great too, but there is one thing you need to take into account: Fiverr categorizes regular service sellers into 4 categories: "Seller", "Level One Seller", "Level Two Seller", "Top Rated Seller". I strongly recommend that you only look at the "Level Two Sellers" and "Top Rated Sellers". Those sellers have been around for a long time, have great ratings, and have sold many gigs.
  3. You now need to review the Writing Gigs/Services on Fiverr: THIS LINK will take you to the Pro (Ghost) Writing Services and THIS LINK will take you to the regular (Ghost) Writing Services. You can browse through both regular and Pro services. Click through them, read the descriptions, check out the profiles / ratings and pick a few that seem like the best fit for you.
  4. Message your top choices and provide them a description of your project. The freelancers might ask you some questions until they know exactly what your project looks like.
  5. You will get a quote/offer for your project. They will tell you upfront how much you will be charged, if you accept their offer. There are no hidden fees or unexpected invoices.
  6. You now compare the offers. It’s in your power to decide which one is the best. You have not yet given any commitments. And if you don’t like any of the offers, you can still message more freelancers. It’s completely up to you.
  7. Assuming you have found the perfect freelancer with the perfect offer, you will now be asked to place the order. That’s where you have to provide a payment method (Credit/Debit Card, PayPal, Apple/Google Pay, Wire Transfer, iDEAL, GiroPay, Sofort, etc.).
  8. When placing the order, the provided payment method will be charged. But the hired freelancer does not get any money yet; the money is safely deposited with Fiverr. Fiverr makes sure that the seller is only paid if you have approved the work.
  9. The freelancer will work on your project and might also ask you follow-up questions. Don’t be shy, say exactly what you want! Clear communication is important throughout the process.
  10. Finally, the freelancer will deliver the work. The money will be released only after you approve the work. In case there’s anything wrong with the delivered work: Get in touch with the freelancer and tell him or her exactly what you think is wrong or what needs improvement. In my experience, almost all freelancers will fix it without any questions asked. Remember: It is in the interest of the seller to do the job perfectly, because they will receive a public rating from you afterwards (between 1 and 5 stars). In the very rare case that you can’t solve a dispute you can report the problem to Fiverr. Fiverr staff will look into it and refund you the money. There’s absolutely no risk on your side!


«Fiverr allows me to easily hire professionals at any time. Thanks to Fiverr I am assured that the work is done the way it should be done.»

Is there anything else to say? Remember: If you run into ANY problem while following the 10 steps, then get in touch with me and I will personally help you get your issue sorted out (FOR FREE!):

Let's end this post with a funny promotional video from Fiverr :)